Welcome to Estate Capital Premier Services

Estate Capital Premier is one of the most reliable real estate agencies with local expertise and global standards in The Kingdom of Bahrain.


Our belief in transparency allows us to let the buyers and sellers meet and negotiate the deal without any interference from a third party, and we always try to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the outcome.


The company’s team is one of the most reliable in real estate brokers that will assist you to conclude your deal in a very professional and transparent manner.

We understand the key fundamentals in property maintenance,

“Value for Money”, “Service” and “Quality”.




Value for Money: ECP service offering is highly competitive and priced in line with what is reasonable and not what we can get away with.


Service: ECP practices are what we preach. Service is everything, we understand the impact of delivering beyond customers’ expectations.


Quality: Wave Homes understands the significance of delivering quality. Ultimately quality will dictate that service standards distinguishes us from the rest.

Maintenance Services

Estate Capital Premier distinguishes itself from other real estate agents as we are the management and maintenance service provider, wherein we have set up an in-house team of industry seasoned professionals and technicians dedicated to understanding and serving the needs of our customers. Professional Property Maintenance is an area that is often overlooked and neglected. ECP fundamental ethos is that Property Maintenance has to complement our core business and not simply be sidelined and our customers left to fend for themselves.



Professional Consultations

Estate Capital Premier gathers a professional team of Real Estate, Education, & Experience captured from different parts of the world into one roof. We provide professional consultations to investors, developers, government strategies, decision makers, businesses, HR managers, and housing officers on various ways & solutions to reduce their spending and maximize their return on investment on their projects. Our market knowledge allows us to furnish our clients with advice on how to implement the right strategy. In addition, we can offer advisory services on market conditions, prices, mortgages, legal requirements and related matters.




Estate Capital Premier is a part of Al Sharfa Holdings based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company focuses on providing a full range of Consultancy, Marketing, Management and Maintenance in the real estate sector to developers, landlords, individuals and corporate clients.


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